Keyword: Shower-front-sampling
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  • "A Study of the Shower Front in Inclined Showers at the Pierre Auger Observatory"
  • L. Cazon, and Pierre Auger CollaborationKeywords: Shower-front-sampling, Muons, Inclined showers
  • "Event reconstruction with the proposed large area Cherenkov air shower detector SCORE"
  • Daniel Hampf,Martin Tluczykont,Dieter Horns,Keywords: Shower-front-sampling, Detector, Reconstruction
  • "Prospects for using geosynchrotron emission arrival times to determine air shower characteristics"
  • S. Lafebre,H. Falcke,J.R. Horandel,T. Huege,J. Kuijpers,Keywords: EAS, Geosynchrotron radiation, Shower-front-sampling
  • "Universal behavior of electrons and positrons in extensive air showers"
  • S. Lafebre,R. Engel,H. Falcke,J.R. Horandel,T. Huege,J. Kuijpers,Ralf Ulrich,Keywords: EAS, Electrons, Shower-front-sampling