Keyword: Quantum Gravity
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  • "An unbinned test for Quantum Gravity effects in high-energy light-curves."
  • Ulisses-Barres Almeida,Michael Daniel,Keywords: Quantum Gravity, Statistical methods,
  • "Search for Lorentz Invariance Violation effects with AGN flares observed by H.E.S.S."
  • Julien Bolmont,Rolf Buhler,Agnieszka Jacholkowska,Stefan Wagner, and H.E.S.S. CollaborationKeywords: H.E.S.S., Active galactic nuclei, Quantum Gravity
  • "Search for Quantum Gravity with IceCube and High Energy Atmospheric Neutrinos"
  • Warren Huelsnitz,John Kelley, and IceCube CollaborationKeywords: Quantum Gravity, Atmospheric neutrinos,