Keyword: Primary composition
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  • "A Method for Primary Proton Spectrum Measurement at E0 >= 10 PeV with SPHERE-2 Telescope"
  • V.I. Galkin,R.A. Antonov,A.M. Anokhina,E.A. Bonvech,D.V. Chernov,T.A. Dzhatdoev,A.A. Kirillov,T.M. Roganova,Keywords: Primary composition, EAS, Cherenkov light
  • "Hybrid approach to the primary cosmic ray composition"
  • Reda Attallah,Jean-Noel Capdevielle,Keywords: Primary composition, IACT, Hybrid data
  • "Increased Sensitivity to Electromagnetic and Hadronic Features of Air Showers from a New Parameterization of the Longitudinal Profiles"
  • S. Andringa,R. Conceicao,M. Pimenta,Keywords: Air Shower Profile, Primary composition, Cross-sections
  • "Primary mass composition at energies 1017- 1018 eV according to EAS MSU array data"
  • Yu.A. Fomin,N.N. Kalmykov,G.V. Kulikov,V.V. Prosin,V.P. Sulakov,O.V. Vedeneev,Keywords: Cosmic Rays, EAS, Primary composition
  • "Study for lateral distribution function of charged particles in EAS at the knee region"
  • V.B. Petkov,J. Sarkamo,T. Raiha,D.D. Dzhappuev,A.S. Lidvansky,Keywords: EAS, Lateral distribution, Primary composition