Keyword: Positrons
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  • "Analysis of the Spectral Intensities and Ratios of Electrons and Positrons in Cosmic Rays"
  • R. Cowsik,B. Burch,Keywords: Electrons, Positrons, Dark matter
  • "Modeling the near-earth positron fraction"
  • R.A. Burger,J.W. Bieber,John Clem,W.H. Matthaeus,Chunsheng Pei,Todor Stanev,H. Yuksel,Keywords: Modulation, Electrons, Positrons
  • "Observation of shadowing of the cosmic electrons and positrons by the Moon with IACT"
  • Pierre Colin,D.Borla Tridon,Daniel Britzger,Eckart Lorenz,Razmik Mirzoyan,Thomas Schweizer,Masahiro Teshima, and MAGIC CollaborationKeywords: Electrons, Positrons, Cherenkov telescope