Keyword: Modeling
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  • "Characteristics of relativistic solar cosmic rays from GLE modeling studies"
  • E.V. Vashenyuk,Yu.V. Balabin,B.B. Gvozdevsky,Keywords: GLE, Modeling, Solar protons
  • "Model of the Forbush decrease of the galactic cosmic ray intensity with the spatial dependent solar wind velocity and comparison with the experimental data"
  • Anna Wawrzynczak,Michael Alania,Keywords: Forbush decreases, Rigidity, Modeling
  • "On Irregular Heliolongitudinal Solar Wind Velocity and Consequences for Galactic Cosmic Ray Intensity Variations"
  • Michael Alania,Renata Modzelewska,Anna Wawrzynczak,Keywords: Intensity variation, Solar wind, Modeling