Keyword: Low energy cosmic rays
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  • "A New Instrument for Testing Charge-Sign Dependent Solar Modulation"
  • G.Roper Yearwood,A. Bachlechner,M. Boland,P.V. Doetinchem,Henning Gast,R. Greim,L. Jenniches,P. Kucirek,C. Mai,T. Niggemann,S. Schael,D. Schug,J. Wienkenhover,H. Tholen,J. Ulrich,Keywords: PERDaix, Low energy cosmic rays, Electrons
  • "Natural radioactivity effects on the scaler operation mode of the ARGO-YBJ detector"
  • Claudio Cattaneo,Elio Giroletti,Giuseppe Liguori,Paola Salvini, and ARGO-YBJ CollaborationKeywords: Low energy cosmic rays, Natural radioactivity, EAS