Keyword: Ionization
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  • "Dynamics of the ionizing particles fluxes in the Earth's atmosphere"
  • G.A. Bazilevskaya,V.S. Makhmutov,Y.I. Stozhkov,A.K. Svirzhevskaya,N.S. Svirzhevsky,Ilya Usoskin,Gennady Kovaltsov,Terry Sloan,Keywords: Charged particles, Ionization, Atmosphere
  • "Ionisation state of the Earth’s stratosphere during powerful solar proton events "
  • V.S. Makhmutov,G.A. Bazilevskaya,Y.I. Stozhkov,N.S. Svirzhevsky,A.K. Svirzhevskaya,Keywords: Solar protons, Atmosphere, Ionization
  • "Ionization effect of strong solar particle events: Low-middle atmosphere"
  • Ilya Usoskin,AllanJ. Tylka,Gennady Kovaltsov,WilliamF. Dietrich,Keywords: Atmosphere, Ionization, Solar energetic particles,
  • "Long-term geomagnetic changes and their possible role in regional atmospheric ionization and climate"
  • Ilya Usoskin,Gennady Kovaltsov,Monika Kortez,IrinaA. Mironova,Keywords: Cosmic Rays, Atmosphere, Ionization
  • "Near real-time determination of ionization and radiation dose rates induced by cosmic rays in the Earth’s atmosphere – a NMDB application"
  • Rolf Butikofer,E. Fluckiger, and NMDB ConsortiumKeywords: Radiation, Ionization, NMDB
  • "Research of ionization jerk in the ionization chamber ASK-1"
  • V.E. Timofeev,L.I. Miroshnichenko,N.G. Skryabin,Keywords: Cosmic Rays, Ionization, Muons