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  • "Calculation of the barometric coefficients for the particle detectors belonging to the world-wide networks at the start of the 24-th Solar Activity cycle"
  • Bagrat Mailyan,Ashot Chilingarian,Tigran Karapetyan,Keywords: Atmospheric pressure effects, Secondary cosmic rays, Instruments
  • "Investigation of daily variations of cosmic ray fluxes in the beginning of the 24th solar activity cycle"
  • Bagrat Mailyan,Ashot Chilingarian,Keywords: Cosmic Ray Variations, Cosmic Rays, Instruments
  • "Post-launch performance of the Fermi Large Area Telescope"
  • Riccardo Rando, and Fermi-LAT CollaborationKeywords: Instruments, Performance, Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
  • "Simulating the signal of a scintillator hodoscope"
  • F.A. Sanchez,Gustavo Medina-Tanco,Keywords: Simulation, Hodoscope, Instruments
  • "The Advanced Gamma-ray Imaging System (AGIS): Simulation Studies"
  • Gernot Maier, and AGIS collaborationKeywords: Gamma rays, Instruments, Observations