Keyword: Geomagnetic storms
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  • "Coronal Mass Ejections, Storms in Solar Wind Plasma Parameters and Magnetic Clouds In Relation With Intense Geomagnetic Storms"
  • P.L. Verma,P.R. Singh,A.P. Mishra,S. Tamrakar,J.D. Prajapati,G.N. Shrivastav,Keywords: Coranal mass ejection, Solar wind, Geomagnetic storms
  • "Cosmic Ray Intensity variations detected by ASEC monitors during the 23rd solar activity cycle in correlation with Solar Transient events"
  • Ashot Chilingarian,Nikolay Bostanjyan,Keywords: Coronal mass ejections, Geomagnetic storms, Secondary cosmic rays
  • "Global Muon Detector Network Observing Geomagnetic Storm’s Precursor Since March 2001"
  • M.R. SilvaDa,A.Dal Lago,WalterDemetrio Gonzalez,Kazuoki Munakata,Akira Fushishita,Takao Kuwabara,J.W. Bieber,N.J. Schuch,M.L. Duldig,J.E. Humble,Ismail Sabbah,Keywords: Geomagnetic storms, Precursors, Space weather
  • "Halo Coronal mass Ejections: The Cause of Large Forbush Decreases and Geomagnetic Storms"
  • P.L. Verma,R.K. Tiwari,Yash Kumar,S.K. Nigam,A.B. Sharma,N. Khare,Keywords: Forbush decreases, Coranal mass ejection, Geomagnetic storms