Keyword: Gamma-rays - Galaxies
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  • "Discovery of VHE gamma-ray emission from Centaurus A with H.E.S.S."
  • J.-P. Lenain,M. Raue,Felix Aharonian,Yvonne Becherini,W. Benbow,Catherine Boisson,A.-C. Clapson,Lucie Gerard,M.C. Medina,Mathieu Naurois de,,M. Punch,F. Rieger,Helen Sol,£. Stawarz,Andreas Zech, and H.E.S.S. CollaborationKeywords: Gamma rays, Gamma-rays - Galaxies, Radiation
  • "Gamma-rays from the IC e-p pair cascade initiated by electrons in the radiation field of the accretion disk"
  • Julian Sitarek,W³odek Bednarek,Keywords: Gamma-rays - Galaxies, ,