Keyword: Corotating Interaction Regions
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  • "Multi-Point Observations of Corotating Interaction Regions from STEREO and ACE"
  • R.A. Leske,G.M. Mason,R.A. Mewaldt,C.M.S. Cohen,A.C. Cummings,A.W. Labrador,E.C. Stone,M.E. Wiedenbeck,T.T. RosenvingeVon,Keywords: Corotating Interaction Regions, STEREO, ACE
  • "Multi-point observations of CIR-associated energetic ions during Ulysses ecliptic crossing in 2007"
  • Nina Dresing,Raul Gomez-Herrero,Bernd Heber,Reinhold Muller-Mellin,Andreas Klassen,Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber,Keywords: Corotating Interaction Regions, Energetic particles, Radial gradient
  • "Recurrent modulation of galactic cosmic rays: A comparative study between IMP, SOHO, STEREO, and Ulysses"
  • J. Gieseler,Nina Dresing,Phillip Dunzlaff,Raul Gomez-Herrero,Bernd Heber,Andreas Kopp,Reinhold Muller-Mellin,M.S. Potgieter,S.E.S. Ferreira,Andreas Klassen,Keywords: Corotating Interaction Regions, Cosmic Rays, Jovian electrons