Keyword: Clouds
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  • Laura Valore, and Pierre Auger CollaborationKeywords: Atmospheric monitoring, Aerosols, Clouds
  • "Fermi observations of Cassiopeia and Cepheus: gamma-ray diffuse emission in the outer Galaxy"
  • Luigi Tibaldo,IsabelleA. Grenier, and Fermi-LAT CollaborationKeywords: Cosmic Rays, Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, Clouds
  • "Observation of diffuse gamma-ray emission from giant molecular clouds by Fermi/LAT"
  • Akira Okumura, and Fermi-LAT CollaborationKeywords: Diffuse emission, Gamma rays, Clouds
  • "On the possible connection between cosmic rays and clouds"
  • Anatoly Erlykin,Gyula Gyalai,Karel Kudela,Terry Sloan,Arnold Wolfendale,Keywords: Correlation, Cosmic Rays, Clouds