Keyword: Charged particles
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  • "Dynamics of the ionizing particles fluxes in the Earth's atmosphere"
  • G.A. Bazilevskaya,V.S. Makhmutov,Y.I. Stozhkov,A.K. Svirzhevskaya,N.S. Svirzhevsky,Ilya Usoskin,Gennady Kovaltsov,Terry Sloan,Keywords: Charged particles, Ionization, Atmosphere
  • "Prospects for Charge Particle Astronomy above 57 x 1018 eV"
  • Patrick Younk,Keywords: Charged particles, Astronomy,
  • "The Orbiting Wide-angle Light Collectors (OWL) Mission for Charged-Particle Astronomy"
  • J.W. Mitchell,John Krizmanic,F.W. Stecker,R.E. Streitmatter, and OWL CollaborationKeywords: UHE, GZK - cutoff, Charged particles