Keyword: Astronomy
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  • "All-Sky Point-Source Search with 40 Strings of IceCube"
  • Jon Dumm,J.A. Aguilar,Mike Baker,Chad Finley,Teresa Montaruli, and IceCube CollaborationKeywords: Neutrino, Astronomy,
  • "IceCube Time-Dependent Point Source Analysis Using Multiwavelength Information"
  • Mike Baker,J.A. Aguilar,J. Braun,Jon Dumm,Chad Finley,Teresa Montaruli,Sirin Odrowski,E. Resconi, and IceCube CollaborationKeywords: Neutrino, Multiwavelength astronomy, Astronomy
  • "LHAASO Project: detector design and prototype"
  • Huihai He, and LHAASO CollaborationKeywords: LHAASO, Gamma rays, Astronomy
  • "New unidentified H.E.S.S. Galactic sources."
  • Omar Tibolla,RyanC.G. Chaves,Okkie JagerDe,Wilfried Domainko,Armand Fiasson,Nukri Komin,Karl Kosack, and H.E.S.S. CollaborationKeywords: Astronomy, High energy, Gamma rays
  • "Observation of GRBs with AGILE"
  • M. Marisaldi,G. Barbiellini,E. Costa,S. Cutini,E. DelMonte,I. Donnarumma,Y. Evangelista,M. Feroci,F. Fuschino,M. Galli,A. Giuliani,C. Labanti,I. Lapshov,F. Lazzarotto,P. Lipari,Francesco Longo,S. Mereghetti,E. Moretti,L. Pacciani,M. Rapisarda,P. Soffitta,M. Tavani,M. Trifoglio,S. Vercellone, and AGILE TeamKeywords: Gamma rays, Astronomy, GRB
  • "Prospects for Charge Particle Astronomy above 57 x 1018 eV"
  • Patrick Younk,Keywords: Charged particles, Astronomy,
  • "Reconstruction of Atmospheric Neutrinos in Antares"
  • Aart Heijboer, and ANTARES CollaborationKeywords: Neutrino, Astronomy, Reconstruction
  • "Search for high-energy neutrinos in coincidence with gravitational waves with the ANTARES and VIRGO/LIGO detectors"
  • Veronique ElewyckVan, and ANTARES CollaborationKeywords: Neutrino, Gravitational waves, Astronomy
  • "Status of the GAMMA-400 Project"
  • N.P. Topchiev,V.L. Ginzburg,A.M. Galper,V.A. Kaplin,M.F. Runtso,M.I. Fradkin,V.G. Zverev,Keywords: Gamma rays, Astronomy, Gamma telescope